I am Rhianne, a twenty-something from England who wants to see the world and experience everything it can offer to me. My favourite things to do are: daydream, make lists, pack rucksacks, watch videos of people pack their rucksacks and, of course, to travel. Mostly, I travel alone or with my partner and I almost always try and stick to a budget.

This blog is actually many years old, in my head. Literally, my brain would work overtime on the imaginary blog posts to publish on my imaginary blog, as an anxious kinda gal, imaginary blogs were almost too real! Finally, a few years since my first trip I had made up my mind – a blog would be a great outlet for me. I might meet likeminded people, I might make friends or I might even become that blog post that gives a first-time traveller the answer they were looking for.

Strangepartoftown hopes to cultivate just that, the feeling that you have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way but you have found something that you did not expect to.