From Iceland, with love

What souvenirs does Iceland have to offer? I have split this into three categories. Free: things that do not cost money. Budget: things that I have found to have a low cost. Luxe: a littler more expensive. It is worth saying that my idea of cheap and expensive may be different to yours and these are just my ideas – buy your family and friends whatever you want.

Free: sand, stones, photographs
Every place I visit, I take a handful of sand and stone or too as a cheapskate memento. Totally free. Please be mindful of site classifications, some areas may not allow you to take sand and sometimes you may not be allowed to take sand on a plane, always check!

Photographs are free, take as many as your time can afford.

Budget: salt, liquorice, beers, magnets, pins
Liquorice is kind of a thing in Iceland! I picked up these cute wheels of the stuff from a 7/11 type store for 100 ISK each. I also bought Icelandic lava salt in the same store for 900 ISK, it makes me look sophisticated when people visit.

The pin was bought for 650 ISK, which is pretty reasonable and it is a pretty little puffin.

Beers from duty free at the airport for the ale-lover in your life. I got these for around 1000 ISK and you can grab three in a mix and match type deal. Ideal!

Luxe: Icelandic sweater, lava jewellery, photobooks
I have some specific tips for getting a traditional Icelandic sweater and I will make a separate post about it! You will find that they cost from 17000 ISK to 25000 ISK, which is quite a price tag for such a scratchy garment. They are, however, super cute and the preferred souvenir so I will reveal my insider information in a later post.

Jewellery. Nice. You cannot go wrong! Your mum, your sister, your girlfriend or whoever you think would enjoy the stuff. I didn’t actually buy pieces myself as I accidentally forgot my purse and debit card and my boyfriend would not bankroll any more treats! Loser.

My personal favourite: photobooks. The one below cost 1750 ISK – if you know somebody who wants to look like they have their life together or needs a coffee table book with images of the most impressive scenery in the world. Best gift ever.


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