101 Goals in 1001 Days

Not one to miss a bandwagon, I thought I would hop on this one. Making goals, lists, itineraries and general planning is one of my particular joys in life. As I am officially approaching my mid-twenties, I thought it an appropriate time to get some real goals set out.

The premise behind the 1001 day timescale is realism, simply put. I, like other approaching-mid-twenties-girls, tend to give ourselves too much to do in too little time. 1001 days minimises the risk of setting yourself up for failure.

My goals will be set out into clear categories. Be sure to let me know if we have similar goals or, indeed, what your own goals are. There are a few goals I have achieved since I started compiling the list, these will be marked with a cross. I will revisit this list on an annual basis.

Health & Fitness

1. establish a skincare ritual that works for me
2. biannual dental checks
3. biennial eye checks
4. reach a “healthy” BMI
5. drink 3L of water everyday
6. attend fitness classes at least once per week
7. play badminton
8. complete a charity run
9. run 5KM
10. run 10KM
11. walk along Hadrian’s Wall
12. practice meditation and yoga
13. have regular hair trims
14. swim 1500M
15. take part in a triathlon
16. give blood

17. visit Ireland
18. complete a TEFL qualification abroad
19. visit Tokyo
20. visit the USA
21. coast to coast across the USA
22. go to a Disney park as an adult
23. take time away from work to travel
24. see the Northern Lights X
25. attend a cooking class in the country I am visiting
26. write in a diary at least every week
27. make a blog post about every notable place I visit
28. write at least one guest post
29. host at least one guest post
30. keep a travel diary
31. save at least 50% of earnings every month
32. place at least £100 per month into help-to-buy ISA
33. get on the property ladder
34. open a joint bank account
35. improve my credit score by 50%*
36. one month non-essential spending ban
37. go three months without buying clothes
38. draw up a thorough budget every month
39. one month eating out/take out ban

Friends and Family
40. text or call my parents and grandparents every day
41. meet up with my brother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew at least once per month
42. bake with my Grandmother whenever I can
43. visit my Grandfather’s allotment when fruits are in season
44. take my parents out on their birthday
45. text or call a friend everyday
46. meet up with at least one friend every month X
47. go on holiday with a friend
48. join a local club X
49. go swimming with friends once per month
50. always bring a gift if invited over to a friend’s house
51. bake every month for work friends

52. get a promotion
53. take on additional projects
54. explore possibility of working abroad X

Life & Learning
55. become more proficient in Japanese
56. start driving lessons
57. tame a bird
58. take an online course X
59. attend a craft/back to basics course
60. use Duolingo every day
61. volunteer twice per year
62. learn a new word every day
63. attain a TEFL qualification X
64. write about the things I am learning as an adult
65. make pasta from scratch
66. learn how to play a new instrument
67. read a new book every fortnight
68. reach our five year anniversary X
69. watch fireworks together
70. write a letter to each other
71. attach a lock to a bridge
72. buy my dream refrigerator
73. host a dinner party
74. go on an alpaca trek
75. plan an event
76. go open-water swimming
77. go kayaking
78. wake up earlier every day
79. go on a boat
80. ride a horse
81. visit Stonehenge
82. go to a music festival
83. go to a food festival
84. be a tourist in my home city
85. paint a wall
86. become more involved in local politics
Minimalism & Environmental concerns
87. create a capsule work wardrobe
88. create a capsule recreational wardrobe
89. have a perfume for casual use
90. find my signature scent for occasion use
91. sell unwanted, ill-fitting, outdated clothing on eBay X
92. donate unwanted items to charity
93. learn more about recycling and recycle
94. do not use any items tested on animals
95. buy items with less packaging
96. try to walk or cycle more
97. buy a mooncup X
98. subscribe to an online wildlife newsletter
99. don’t drink carbonated drinks
100. use a filter water bottle instead of purchasing plastic bottles
101. raise money for a charity


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