Interrail itinerary

You are probably here to see Interrail/Eurail itineraries. That is semi true, you will see a single Interrail/Eurail itinerary – mine.

This post will not necessarily contain any tips and tricks as to how to plan your own, as that is very personal to you and only you know what you want to see and do. However, if you do need any help to plan an itinerary, feel free to ask and I will be happy to offer my suggestions.


Here I will give a run down of the countries I visited, in order and what it was, specifically, that drew me to visit that particular place.

Bergen, Flåm and Oslo. I had booked a kayaking trip in Flåm, hence the diversion. I wanted to see the Fjords up close and that is definitely what I got.

Berlin. A familiar city for me. I have visited previously and my German is pretty good. Berlin was also a very cheap flight away from Oslo!

Czech Republic
Prague. Here, I couchsurfed to enable me to get a “local” experience.

Munich. My favourite German city! I love Bavaria and all of its quirks, so to visit the heart of the region was fantastic.

Vienna. Another capital city stop, I was also very excited to visit the Vienna Zoo. The Vienna Zoo is the oldest in the world and it houses my three favourite animals: polar bears, koalas and pandas!

Budapest. I am becoming a little bored of simply listing capital cities! I mainly visited Budapest as it was the logical next step from Vienna.

Bled and Ljubljana. Lake Bled is featured on my Interrail Top Five post. It was always a plan to visit and Ljubljana was a fantastic addition to my time in Slovenia.

Zagreb and Split. Beautiful places, my time in Croatia was my “holiday”!

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar. Mostar was not part of my rail plan. I must mention that I did not use rail to get to Bosnia, I took a bus – I don’t think there actually is a train. Visiting Bosnia was another feature of my Top Five Interrail Picks post. If you have the opportunity and means to divert your trip to experience a taste of this country, I suggest you do so.

Dubrovnik and Split. Serving up Game of Thrones realness for days! Again, Dubrovnik is not really a logical stop on your Interrail journey as you need to catch a bus or a boat and it is so far from everywhere! Back on to Split to chill out and take in a few more of the sights.

Venice, Rome, Vatican City and Turin. I had never visited Italy prior to taking this trip, so I allocated a lot of my time to the country.

Nice and Paris. Nice was not really on my itinerary, but it was beautiful and I am so glad I stopped there. Paris is the natural conclusion of an Interrail journey for a Brit!

How I got home
I took a train to Strasbourg followed by an overnight bus to Dortmund to catch my thrifty flight. This also meant I got to experience two more cities for a few hours prior to my departure from mainland Europe.

Would I do anything differently?
There are a few places I wish I could see, but that is not a big deal for me as I live in England and flights on to the continent are super cheap – so I will see the places regardless. I will make a separate post about the places I wish I visited though and also a follow up post on things I wish I did and what I would physically do differently.

For example: I will reveal the worst budgeting mistake I made, by dining at possible the biggest tourist trap. Watch this space.

Rhi xo


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