My top five Interrail picks

Over a year ago I returned from my biggest travel adventure to date, a six week rail journey around Europe and here I am, planning a six month trip around Southeast Asia. Since I was feeling reminiscent, I decided to give you a countdown of my personal favourites from the continent. You may notice a slightly aquatic theme, sorry not sorry!

Five: Jet skiing in Split, Croatia
Though managing to plunge headfirst into the Adriatic and praising my past self for buying a waterproof phone case, I loved zipping around the sea! It was around 20 euro for me and my boyfriend to hire a jetski for twenty minutes. The sea in Croatia is so refreshing, especially in the height of Summer.


Four: the food in Rome, Italy
Bella Italia! In Venice I suffered at the hands of an awful tourist trap of a restaurant and I never wanted to look at pizza or pasta again. Thankfully, Rome scootered in to save me! A bonus: not far from the Trevi Fountain, you will find La Prosciutteria Trevi and that is, hands down, the most perfect antipasti spot you could ever hope for.


Three: Lake Bled
Following a wholly sleepless fourteen hours getting on and off trains and buses and falling asleep on a bench looking over the lake, the boat ride over to this mini paradise was unreal. The castle at Lake Bled is one of the things travellers on Youtube talked about and I never dreamt that a few weeks later I would be walking up the steps on this little island myself. I can only recommend that you do this for yourself, too.

Two: swimming in Kravice Falls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia was not really on my travel radar – until I saw a picture of Stari Most in Mostar and I diverted my entire itinerary to take a look and I am so glad that I did! Stari Most was great, but I only needed an hour or so there in reality. My hostel owners were trying to push me into a guided tour and, honestly, I get kind of awkward with that kind of thing but I eventually gave up and paid for a trip I wasn’t sure I wanted to endure. My gosh. My judgment could not have been worse! The tour took me to a Dervish House wear I donned traditional dress to walk the halls, then we visited the site of an ancient mosque and finally, plunged into the falls. You could jump off the falls if you so desired, but I was content with swimming and the massaging effect of the falls on my back.

One: kayaking in the Norwegian fjords
Perhaps not the best experience in Europe, perhaps the best experience of my life! I felt minuscule and completely insignificant when paddling through these glacial, clear waters with mountains at each side. If you find yourself in Flåm, make sure you find time to get your spray skirt on because you cannot leave without seeing this.


I hope you enjoyed my countdown! I certainly loved looking through my photos from the trip. Since my Interrail trip in 2015 I like to think my photography has improved and I am kicking myself for not photographing the way I would today. There is always a next time, right?

Have you visited/done any of my Top 5? What are you most looking forward to on your own Euro trip?


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