How to spend a long weekend in Wrocław

If you are lucky enough to live in Europe, your options for a long weekend are unparalleled.  If you are central you can even hop on a train to most places or if, like me, you like in the UK (don’t ask me about Brexit, I don’t know what happened) a cheap flight to the continent is never too far from your door.

I booked a trip to Wrocław with Ryanair via Skyscanner. I use Skyscanner almost daily, for daydream purposes. Then, I reserved a bed in a dorm via HostelWorld. Travel and accommodation on this four night trip cost approximately £80. Bargain!

This trip, for me, was about proving I could have a fun break for very little cash and I think I managed that. Read on for my, not exhaustive, list of cheap and free things to do in Wrocław.

Walking Tour
I caught a walking tour of the city with a fabulous guide, Kuba. The our was very up close and personal, as only myself and another female solo traveller took part. If you haven’t used Free Walking Tours before, it is a must do in any city where they operate. The guide is almost always a local history buff with intimate knowledge of their city, they are able to run these tours for free, based on a generous tip from tourists (so not quite free, though tipping is optional and not mandatory).

Sample a beer
Drinking is a thing in Poland. Whether it is a local custom or a rowdy stag do from Birmingham, drinking is a thing. You can make drinking cultural and sophisticated by having your beers served in those small glasses instead of the preferred pint size. Free Walking Tours also have a (not free, but not expensive) beer tour, where you visit two or three watering holes, pretend to make notes and ask me about Brexit.

Try a Pierogi 
Headed to Momos Pierogarnia upon the advice of my tour guide, it was fabulous! Try the chicken and tomato pierogies if you can and remember that they are handmade in front of you.

Go hunting
On my second day I managed to track down a few dwarves in the city. Wrocław is famous for its cute little inhabitants! Each dwarf has a theme, often relating to the location it stands. For example, one of the oldest dwarves in the city resides outside an old prison building and he is desperate to get out of jail. My favourite dwarf was a sweet little guy taking a selfie!

Award winning coffee and political apples
Head to Hala Targowa (indoor market hall) to sample two things. Number one: award winning coffee. Cafe Targowa is an unassuming cafe with a few chairs to the side of the main market, but their little shop has achieved big things. Their co-owner and barista holds is the 2016 World Aeropress Champion and I can testify, the coffee is irresistible and super cheap.  Number two: Poland was the largest exporter of apples in Europe, until they became entangled in an economic war with Russia. Russia was a huge market for Polish apple farmers, but Russia embargoed this trade meaning that many apple farmers were facing a less than ideal situation. Huge campaigns ensued and it was ultimately deduced that you should eat Polish apples to annoy Putin. I’m up for that.

Be a culture vulture
If you don’t know, you’re about to know! Wrocław was voted European City of Culture in 2016. So, chill, soak up the culture. Marvel at this new-but-old city and the lovely folks that live here.

Cathedral Island
Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) is the oldest part of the city of Wrocław and it is home to a few wonderful gothic churches. You can enter the cathedral of St. John the Baptist for free and you can take an elevator to the top of the tower for aerial views of the city. The island is beautiful during the day, but at night you can witness something special. If you head down to the island at around 18:00, as it is getting dark, you may be lucky enough to see a man in full costume lighting all of the gas lamps on Ostrów Tumski by hand.


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  1. Reed Smith says:

    I traveled to Wroclaw for just a day over the summer. I found it quirkily beautiful. It made me wish I could see more of Poland. Nice post.


    1. Thank you! That’s the vibe I got, too. There was something about the place!
      Rhi x


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