Do you get travel sick?

IMG_8246…and what I mean by that is, do you get sick because you are not travelling?

If the answer is “yes, get me out of my 9-5 job in my boring hometown” keep on reading, because life may get a bit more interesting for you. If the answer is “no” just move along, there is nothing to see here.

At age 21, I was a person with some seriously unfulfilled dreams and some very unaccommodating circumstances. Now, at age 23 I have travelled to fifteen countries, met fantastic people from around the world and I am now planning a trip around Southeast Asia. So, here are my five top tips for stuck-in-a-rut twentysomethings who have itchy feet.

1.  Save – the most solid piece of advice you could give to a person who wants to quit their job to travel, is to save and to save hard. Draw up a budget each month, each week, whichever frequency suits you best and work out how much you can afford to save. Then, set up a standing order/direct debit to a savings account and leave it there. Quitting your boring job is unadvisable if you have no contingency plan in place.

By day, I work in financial advice and I would be happy to help you create a savings plan to enable you to travel. Simply contact me for further information.

2. Pin it – who doesn’t need Pinspiration? Secondly, who doesn’t have Pinterest!? Get onto the app store and download Pinterest for free, right now. You can Pin all of your dreams to one handy, accessible, mess-free mood board. Any time you need a push to carry on dreaming, open up the app and slip into daydream mode. If you would like to take a look at my Pinterest, here you go.

3. Maximise your income – the more you can earn, the more you can save. Ask for money instead of gifts at birthdays, work overtime, sell your stuff, get a second job, babysit, walk some dogs!

4. Minimalist living – personally, I really buy in to a minimalist way of life. I don’t have that much stuff (boyfriend disagrees with this statement), I try not to spend frivolously and I either sell, donate or dispose of items I have no use for. My trash is somebody else’s treasure on eBay or Depop, you can easily rake in extra funds by doing this. You may think £2 is not worth it, but if you sell five items that is £10 and that £10 could go much further on another continent.

5. Go cold turkey – do you smoke, drink alcohol, grab a coffee, buy your lunch, get takeout, get taxis? Stop doing that. I’m not saying stay in your room drinking water and declining lunch invites, but just try and cut down.

I’ve been to Starbucks, it is expensive as heck! If you are knocking back a Venti more than twice a week you a literally haemorrhaging money that you could be using on plane tickets. Make your lunch instead of buying it or getting take out. Walk or get the bus instead of the taxi (unless you are in a dodgy place at night and you would be in danger, obviously). A pack of gum is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

Nice, France.

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